Electrical Engineering

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K&W is your partner for all inventions in the field of electrical engineering. This field relates to the research, development and application of electrical systems, devices and technologies that play a central part in many areas of everyday life, from the supply of energy to communications and computers.

A peculiarity in this field is the fact that computer programs are generally not eligible for patent protection. However, our K&W experts can show you how you can still protect your computer-implemented inventions via suitably formulated applications. This department collaborates closely with our Information & Communications Technology Department.

Moreover, our attorneys specialize in the following fields:

The Specialist Fields:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and Computer Implemented Inventions (CII)
  • Automation Technology
  • Communications Technology, especially High-Frequency and Radar Technology and Signal Processing
  • Computers and Digital Technology
  • Control and Feedback Control Technology
  • Electric Machines, in particular Vehicle Generators and Motors
  • Electronics, in particular Automotive Electronics
  • Embedded Systems, especially Nano- and Microelectronics
  • Energy Technology, especially Renewable Energies (Solar Power, Wind Power and Geothermal Energy)
  • Heavy-Current Engineering, especially Switching Systems (High and Medium Voltage)
  • Power Electronics and Semiconductor Technology